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001 jillTomorrow will mark a week since Jill & Devin tied the knot at Fort Gibraltar here in Winnipeg.
We had such an amazing day photographing these two. Their families were incredible. So kind and funny. Same goes for the bridal party. We just really loved working with this bunch!
The weather was absolutely perfect too! The perfect summer day to celebrate the marriage of Jill & Devin.
Congratulations and enjoy the preview.

002 jill & devin married003 jill & devin married006 jill & devin married010 jill & devin married012 jill & devin married018 jill & devin married020 jill & devin marriedLoved their first look! So much excitement.030 jill & devin married034 jill & devin marriedThese photos make me laugh. The guys loved doing the shakey face and I was happy to photograph it! So hilarious!036 jill & devin married038 jill & devin married040 jill & devin married043 jill & devin married047 jill & devin married049 jill & devin married057 jill & devin married061 jill & devin married064 jill & devin married066 jill & devin married067 jill & devin married068 jill & devin married071 jill & devin married073 jill & devin married076 jill & devin married078 jill & devin married081 jill & devin married082 jill & devin married084 jill & devin married087 jill & devin married091 jill & devin married095 jill & devin married098 jill & devin married100 jill & devin married103 jill & devin married105 jill & devin married106 jill & devin married107 jill & devin married116 jill & devin married119 jill & devin married120 jill & devin married122 jill & devin married128 jill & devin married131 jill & devin married133 jill & devin married136 jill & devin married138 jill & devin married140 jill & devin married142 jill & devin married145 jill & devin married149 jill & devin married

  • Quinn Hildebrand - These are incredible!!

  • Tracey Howse - These pictures are amazing. Beautiful wedding beautiful pictures amazing photography

  • Bindu Saul - Great pics Ramona add my name to your Fan list.

  • Diane Madill - So beautiful!!!

  • Patti Tweed - Ramona, these photos are beautiful! Thank you so much for the lovely way in which you “directed the orchestra” all day long!

  • Elaine Pigden - BEAUTIFUL!!! The photos and the people!

  • Elaine Pigden - BEAUTIFUL!!! The photos and the people!

  • David Voyer - Congrats Devin! I wish you guys nothing but the very best in your lives together!

  • Diane Madill - Patti, you look stunning! Such a beautiful colour on you!

  • Doug Armet - What beautiful memories! Patti you go ahead and shout girl! You look more like one of the bridesmaids than the mother of the groom.

1Two weeks ago I met up with Rena, Danny and their two beautiful girls Quinn & Paige for a family session at their farm.
Check out this adorable family session!
ox005 Wyrich Family _ 8x12013 Wyrich Family _ 8x12016 Wyrich Family _ 8x12021 Wyrich Family _ 8x12027 Wyrich Family _ 8x12031 Wyrich Family _ 8x12033 Wyrich Family _ 8x12035 Wyrich Family _ 8x12045 Wyrich Family _ 8x12047 Wyrich Family _ 8x12051 Wyrich Family _ 8x12053 Wyrich Family _ 8x12

Aren’t they adorable?! And not to worry, the girls were safe on the hay bale. A parent on each side and I edited out Mom’s arm that was holding on.055 Wyrich Family _ 8x12063 Wyrich Family _ 8x12



Tatiyana & Curtis were married at the beginning of August in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Bridges Golf Course.
Before the ceremony, they did their first look photos at Stephen Juba Park. We also went to the Hamilton and Manitoba Hydro buildings for additional family photos.
It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for their outdoor ceremony. I loved being a part of this wedding. Tatiyana & Curtis’ families are absolutely wonderful and I enjoyed getting to know them!
Here’s a little preview of their wedding day.


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