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On Saturday I photographed my last wedding of the season. I capped the 2014 season off with two incredibly kind people, Natalie & Bill. The entire day was perfection!
Here’s a little preview.
Enjoy. ox
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  • Brenda Kiansky - Beautiful photos , beautiful bride, beaming groom.

  • Mona Lacroix - Well done!!!

  • Yvette Courcelles - Absolutely beautiful pictures! But then again you need beautiful people to make it happen!!!

  • Andre Lord - WOW !!!

  • Etienne Tetrault - Merci pour ces magnifiques photos de mariage. Tu es vraiment belle Natalie. Bill a vraiment du goût pour la beauté. Tante Andrée et moi vous souhaitons un bonheur durable. Embrasse ta maman Nicole pour nous qui est splendide dans sa robe noire! Natalie salue aussi ton père Georges. On t’embrasse!


Last week I drove out to Amaranth, Manitoba to photograph Vanessa & Daniel’s engagement photos at Vanessa’s family farm. I met Vanessa back in high school and we have kept in touch ever since. Everything about this session was just so lovely. The farm is so pretty and we definitely lucked out with the weather!
Vanessa & Daniel, thank you so much for having me! I can’t wait for the wedding!
Enjoy the preview!
ox107 Vanessa_Daniel115 Vanessa_Daniel122 Vanessa_Daniel133 Vanessa_Daniel141 Vanessa_Daniel154 Vanessa_Daniel156 Vanessa_Daniel161 Vanessa_Daniel171 Vanessa_Daniel175 Vanessa_Daniel179 Vanessa_Daniel

  • Jim Neufeld - You guy’s look great and the location is spectacular

  • Debbie Neufeld - You two look so happy and in love! Even the cows look jealous!

1 aOn Saturday, Alison & Michael tied the knot in a beautiful church ceremony. The reception was held at the Qualico Centre and it was perfect!
I was so excited for Alison & Michael’s wedding. Alison and I had talked about this day for a long time… even before there was a ring on her finger.:)
Here’s a preview from their gorgeous wedding day.
To Alison & Michael, thank you for allowing me to capture these photos for you. I am so happy that you have found eachother! ‘It was meant to be.’
001 alimike006 alimike008 alimike012 alimike015 alimike018 alimike019 alimike026 alimike029 alimike030 alimike035 alimike036 alimike040 alimike046 alimike047 alimike049 alimike053 alimike056 alimike057 alimike063 alimike066 alimike067 alimike069 alimike071 alimike075 alimike084 alimike086 alimike100 alimike200 alimikeAnd one family photo of the happy couple with their kitty!

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