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1 aOn Saturday, Alison & Michael tied the knot in a beautiful church ceremony. The reception was held at the Qualico Centre and it was perfect!
I was so excited for Alison & Michael’s wedding. Alison and I had talked about this day for a long time… even before there was a ring on her finger.:)
Here’s a preview from their gorgeous wedding day.
To Alison & Michael, thank you for allowing me to capture these photos for you. I am so happy that you have found eachother! ‘It was meant to be.’
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On the last Saturday of September, Liz and Kyle tied the knot at the Gates on Roblin. What was supposed to be a fall day felt more like a gorgeous July day. It was perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony and photos. Liz and Kyle were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were so easy going and their bridal party was so much fun.

Here is a little preview from their big day!
Enjoy. ox

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054 Liz+Kyle055 Liz+KyleOne of Liz’s bridesmaids, Jamie, inspired this shot. I love it!056 Liz+Kyle057 Liz+Kyle061 Liz+Kyle063 Liz+Kyle065 Liz+Kyle068 Liz+Kyle076 Liz+Kyle077 Liz+Kyle082 Liz+Kyle085 Liz+Kyle089 Liz+Kyle700 Liz+Kyle

  • Tracy Scocchia - Absolutely beautiful!… All of the pictures!

  • Diane Reid - I agree. so beautiful….I love the way she used the people and the humour she incorporated into the pictures.

  • Debbie Howelko - Georgeous photos! Love them!

  • Bev Goodman - What beautiful pictures to remember a beautiful day. Great work Ramona!

  • Karen Fuchs - what stunning photos , the wedding party look great!

  • Karen Fuchs - what stunning photos , the wedding party looks great!

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