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001 aOn Saturday, Vicky & Kyle tied the knot in a beautiful church ceremony followed by a big outdoor tent reception on Kyle’s family farm.
It was a hot July day but Vicky, Kyle and their wedding party were so amazing to work with!
Here’s a little preview!
001 vicky and kyleThe first look!001b vicky and kyle002 vicky and kyle003 vicky and kyle004 vicky and kyle016 vicky and kyle017 vicky and kyle019 vicky and kyle023 vicky and kyle024 vicky and kyle027 vicky and kyle028 vicky and kyle031 vicky and kyle032 vicky and kyle034 vicky and kyle036 vicky and kyle038 vicky and kyle041 vicky and kyle043 vicky and kyle045 vicky and kyle050 vicky and kyle051 vicky and kyle054 vicky and kyle056 vicky and kyle058 vicky and kyle059 vicky and kyle062 vicky and kyle066 vicky and kyle069 vicky and kyle072 vicky and kyle073 vicky and kyle074 vicky and kyle078 vicky and kyle080 vicky and kyle083 vicky and kyle085 vicky and kyle086 vicky and kyle088 vicky and kyle091 vicky and kyle094 vicky and kyle099 vicky and kyle101 vicky and kyle103 vicky and kyle

1 aOn Saturday, Val & Matt tied the knot! Their wedding day was filled with lots of laughter and emotion.
Val’s parents weren’t able to attend the wedding in person but they were included in the day by Skype – all the way from Mexico! One of my favourite moments was seeing Val tear up when she saw her parents┬ávia Skype for the first time on her wedding day.
Enjoy the preview.
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1At the beginning of July I photographed The McLeod Family. They have expanded by one since I photographed them last!
The girls are just so precious and I loved spending my evening with them. We also had Afi come for a few photos and the girls lit up the second they saw him walking towards us!
It is so special to see that they have such a beautiful connection with their grandpa.
Enjoy the preview!
002 Family photos008 Family photos012 Family photos015 Family photos031 Family photos042 Family photos045 Family photos053 Family photos059 Family photos065 Family photos076 Family photos081 Family photos089 Family photos096 Family photos098 Family photos106 Family photos116 Family photos127 Family photos130 Family photos138 Family photos

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